Sunday, 23 August 2009

Literary Lunches @ Lytham Hall

New To Rowley's Catering and Lytham Hall.

We present "Literary Lunch" in association with Silverdell Literary Events

Our 1st event on Thursday 10th September is an afternoon with Cathy Kelly. Tickets at £29.95 include a signed copy of her new book "Once in a Life Time" along with all the fantastic usuals that come with Rowley's Catering and Lytham Hall.

Our 2nd event is a Crime Themed Double Whammey with Authors Peter Robinson and Sophie Hannah discussing their new novels "The Price of Love" and "The Other Half Lives"

Tickets at £40.00 this time include signed copies of both their new books and once again a fantastic Lytham Hall Lunch

For more information on these two new events please call Silverdell Books on 01772 683444

Look forward to seeing you there

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