Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Its The Question That Everyone Has Been Asking

And Now Its Time To Decide........... Who Carrys The Best Tray ?

There are a few names to be included but only one can win. Add your votes to the comments

Is It....

The Retired Andrew Robinson & The Chicken Goujon Munching Adam Franks

The Legendary Rick Taylor

The Wonderful Ben

The Very Photogenic Scott Jones

Paul "AKA The Gaffa" Rowley

Check out our season

Got lots of pictures from the lovely Jane at Flower Design today. Was fun to look over the season at the many moments. There is always something to remember working for Rowley's. It is rewarding to know you are helping to make somebodies day so memorable. Plus you meet some nice people in the process. This year saw the introduction of the shot menu across the Rowley's bar, and boy was it welcomed. From the Jagerbomb to the Slippery Nipple. All were sampled, some more than others. There was always devastated faces when people realised they had drank all of the 4 bottles of jagermeister and we could not get anymore! The disapointment was usually short lived though once they realised all the other choices were just as nice and had the same impact.

One of the fantastic table displays from this years events

The Ever Impressive Canape's (Yummy !)

Breath Taking Entertainment

All Put together = Its Been Great !