Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Its The Question That Everyone Has Been Asking

And Now Its Time To Decide........... Who Carrys The Best Tray ?

There are a few names to be included but only one can win. Add your votes to the comments

Is It....

The Retired Andrew Robinson & The Chicken Goujon Munching Adam Franks

The Legendary Rick Taylor

The Wonderful Ben

The Very Photogenic Scott Jones

Paul "AKA The Gaffa" Rowley


jane thompson said...

I have to admit to having a huge soft spot for "The Gaffa" and I'm sure a canape/drinks tray isn't the only thing he holds best! His chefing is pretty amazing too, sorry Ben you come a close second to Paul's superior tray holding.

Ben Glover said...

Have To Say, He does hold the tray well. Although I would have to say Duo of Adam Franks and Andrew Robinson have a look of class about them !