Sunday, 4 October 2009

Couple's Dream Day Saved From Disaster

In these turbulent times it is unfortunate for any trader who has to close its doors, and The Island Complex on St Annes Promenade is the latest business who has suffered from the Credit Crunch.
However, it was not just the owners who were affected. Alex and his fiancee Rachel had their dream wedding day planned at the complex and due to its closure have now had everything cancelled with a chance of losing their deposit.
The Lindum and Rowley's could not just stand back and watch them suffer especially as Alex was a past employee, Director Paul Rowley explains.....

" Alex used to work for us as a school boy many years ago. I still see him quite often at Tavernors in Lytham where he is the Store Manager. He is a lovely lad and he always say hello and we reminisce about old times. So I was particularly alarmed for him and his fiancee Rachel when I saw their picture on the front page of the Gazette last week, especially once I read that they had lost their deposit when The Island went into liquidation.

Its hard enough in this current financial climate for young couples to afford a wedding so I thought it would be a nice gesture to offer to cater for their wedding either at Lytham Hall, where we are the sole caterers for weddings and events, or here at our hotel, The Lindum which is across the road from the Island complex, and is where Alex worked as a teenager.

So I called Alex and said I was willing to knock the amount of their lost deposit off any menu of his choice. Alex and Rachel were delighted to take us up and we look forward to helping them create a unique occasion.

In fact anyone else who finds themselves in a similar predicament, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll endeavour to do the same for them"


Flower Design Jane said...

Paul you are such a local hero we're really proud of you what a generous gesture!

Anonymous said...

A huge personal thank you to Paul and his Company for his kind and generous gesture. Rachel is my daughter and due to Paul's kindness Rachel and Alex really ARE going to have a Dream Wedding in the magnificent setting of Lytham Hall. Looking forward to your delicious catering too. Sincere regards, Shirley Hanson (and husband Dave)